Think You're Sure

by No Better

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Recorded by Jack Shirley July 2015 in Palo Alto, CA

tapes available for preorder through Ronald Records

album art by William Donahue


released August 4, 2015



all rights reserved


No Better California

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Track Name: letters
drove by your room for old times sake
or just to see if you were awake
never have I ever fought so hard against myself
I don't know if I've cared so much about anything else

drowning in the bed where we used to lay
writing stories
a broken picture frame

letters you said you'd keep
the way you look when you're asleep

don't tell me this didn't mean anything
Track Name: sleep
this hole that I'm digging is narrow and deep
I'm sick and exhausted and I can't fall asleep
saw a picture of you
that took a toll on me
I'm broken, exhausted, I just wanna sleep

you can come to California if you want to
(but the north is prettier Green and gold like you)

it's the way your hands feel when you put them on mine
it's the way you look at me at the end of the night

everything but you just feels like a waste of time.
Track Name: seattle
she'd come home on the weekends
i'd spend more money than I had
she'd call me on the week nights when she was sad
guess i knew what to say

we forgot our friends
we forgot our age
we'd talk real big
I'd swear to god that I was saved

I never wanted to marry
we'd make honeymoon plans

now she's taking trains to Seattle
I'm driving fast on the 215
we both said things, she fucked me up I'd never gotten so goddamn mean
but next time I say I love you I'll be careful who it's to I'm not mad, we were over our heads
we've got some growing up to do

we'd talk til there were no words
I'd fall asleep on the phone I'd count the days, I'd chain smoke til she was coming home
to lay with me, it got a little bit crazy. I got a little bit crazy.

It got a little scary
she got a little scared

It's hard to say I don't know if I mean it but I hope you're happy hope you're doing well. It's hard to say but I have to say it. I hope you're happy. I hope you're happy
Track Name: think you're sure.
I walked you home
Didn't want you walking alone

Then I walked to bed
There's not much in my head these days

I remember sixteen
I look back like it meant something
I wrote a lot about you
Since I haven't written words so true

I can't help but think -I hate to say this but I have to tell you- We could have done this so much better than that

Our times coming up
You tell your friends that you think you're sure.
Things have been pretty tuff, but did you want anything more?

We're running..drunk and wasted off our youth.

We're running..we just don't know where to